Owl Dudes

10,000 unique and wise Owl Dudes are being minted on the Polygon blockchain and it's owl good. There are nerds, zombies, pirates, punks, ninjas, and more - all in owl form. Start your own Owl Dudes family and relax in the roost with us. We're here for creativity, community and collaboration. Who will you get? Hoo? Hoo? Hooooooo! Mint your own brand new Owl Dude on our website dapp above or check out our minted Owl Dudes collection on OpenSea.

The Tech

Each colorful Owl Dude is one-of-a-kind and programmatically generated randomly from hundreds of traits, including their faces, head wear, clothing, backgrounds, and gear. All Owl Dudes are a hoot, but some are exceptionally rare. Owl Dudes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain, a Layer-2 scaling solution with low gas fees on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Check out Owl Dudes' verified smart contract. The 1200x1200 PNG image and metadata files are hosted on IPFS. Thank you, Hash Lips for the direction! 🙂

Our Roadmap

✅ 10% - Kick-off social media: Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

✅ 30% - Begin pre-sale minting. OpenSea is live.

✅ 40% - Go live. Open to the public. Create owners area on Discord.

✅ 50% - Add more social media: TikTok, YouTube, Reddit and BBS/decentralized social media.

✅ 60% - Donate a percent of sales to the National Audubon Society.

🦉 70% - Offer merch.

🦉 80% - Build Owl Dudes on a metaverse. Depends on a viable platform.

🦉 90% - All 10,000 Owl Dudes are minted.

🦉 100% - Release more Owl Dudes and related NFT collections includng series 2 (already being worked on!) perhaps on more blockchains.

The Team

Owl Dudes is a family-run project spearheaded by Jon, a Digital Design student, who has loved owls forever.

Artist & Developer

Lead Developer & Social Media



Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone in the Owl Dudes family! Our Floor Price and Volume Traded keeps increasing on OpenSea. People are minting, buying, selling, gifting and hodling Owl Dudes. We also have thousands of new followers on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. Also, check out the art from our friends and family at OwlDudesFriends on OpenSea. This community is amazing! We ❤️ you!

Join our Discord and check out the Owners Clubhouse if you own an Owl Dude. 🦉🙂

Owl Dudes animation
Note: Images above are from a test batch. Live NFTs on the Owl Dudes OpenSea have a number in the corner.